Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Happy Third Day of Christmas. Old Fashioned Hot Chocolate Recipe from My Fudo.

250 ml of milk, a quarter heavy cream and the rest whole milk
Two tablespoons (heaping) of your favorite cocoa
Sugar to taste (unless the cocoa comes pre-sweetened)
Three large marshmallows (We get ours from Belgium one has a slight berry taste, similar to guimauve)
For a truly old-fashioned cup, allow the milk to form a skin after being brought to a boil, stove top is the best, but if you want it in a minutes (or two) time, here’s what I do: I heat the milk up in a microwave, stir in the chocolate, then add the marshmallows, put it back in the microwave and heat until the marshmallow become three times their size, and ta dah, it’s done! If I have guests, I sprinkle it with an extra touch of bitter cocoa. 

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