Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

I hope everyone has a safe, fun and spooky Halloween.


I won't be able to post my Halloween pictures until mid November. That's when I will have my wireless Internet. I'm using the blogger app now. Thank goodness for this app because I can't access the Internet on my desktop. My current provider has slowed it down to almost a standstill. Can't wait for the wireless.

Cooking a big pot of Chili, tonight. :) Happy Halloween!


  1. I'm trying to comment again ~ let's hope it works this time! I think Blogger was having issues yesterday. I read your last post, and thanks for the shout out for my blog party! I'm glad you enjoyed that. :) Hope you had a Happy Halloween!

  2. Chili on Halloween? Now your speaking my language! Hope you have a great Halloween!

  3. Thanks guys. :)
    Glad to hear everyone had a great Halloween.
    Oh, the chili was delicious. :)


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