Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Backyard Photos. Part 3.

Part 4 coming soon. :) 


  1. You have such a pretty garden! I've been enjoying your flowers vicariously! :) I like the sculpture - is he a gnome? I'll have to post some pictures from my yard once it's looking nice and green again. What kind of flowers are the red and pink ones?

    P.S. ~ I got word that your prints shipped today!

  2. Hi Justine,

    Thanks you.:) I look forward to seeing your pictures. The large red flower is a
    Hydrangea and the smaller red flower is called Salvia. The purple flowers are
    Bougainvilleas. :) Oh, the statue is of St. Nicholas but he also looks like a gnome so he stays out all year long. :) Thanks for asking and for all of your comments. They're greatly appreciated.

    The art prints and aceos arrived. They're fantastic!


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