Monday, October 29, 2012

October Full Moon.

A few October Full Moon names: Full Blood Moon, Full Travel Moon, Full Dying Grass Moon. It is also known as the Storytelling Spider Moon.

 Blood Moon on A Chilly Night.

Enjoy the night sky and full moon.  

My thoughts and prayers are with everyone on the east cost. Stay safe.  

I'm exhausted. We're still harvesting Pecans.  I hope to post pictures soon.  My autoimmune disease is causing all kinds of complications. I have a terrible rash, joint, muscle and nerve pain and extreme fatigue.  I wasn't sure if I would be able to post tonight. I'll stop whining now. :D

 I'm making sour patch kid vodka. I'm going to use the cherry and lime ones.  It has to sit for two days and you have to shake it three times a day.  Thanks, Nadia G!  Then I will drain it and use the sour cherry/lime vodka with cola, ice and fresh slices of lime (lime from our lime trees. We will have a wonderful citrus harvest this year. A few limes were ready early. Just in time for my cocktail :) ). I will also put sour patch kids on a skewer . :) ETA: I decided to make a lemon/orange candy vodka, too. I'll add orange juice, ice and lemon and orange slices from our citrus harvest. I will take pictures. I have Halloween ales and a witches' brew, too.  

We're having Gumbo, tonight. It smells so good!  Thinking about making chili for Halloween or just eat leftover Gumbo. It will depend on how I feel.  Looking forward to sitting outside next to the bonfire.  

I'm currently reading " A Halloween Reader: Poems, Stories and Plays from Halloweens Past" -Edited by Lesley Pratt Bannatyne.  I love reading spooky stories while listing to scary music. I plan on watching lots of Horror movies and Halloween Specials. :) 

I still need to send e-mails. Thanks for everyone's patience. 

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