Saturday, September 29, 2012

The September Full Moon. Full Moon in Aries/Ram Moon.

A few of the September full moon names: Full Harvest Moon, Full Barley Moon and Full Corn Moon.  I like to refer to it as the Sugarcane moon, as well. The Sugarcane Festival began on September 26 and goes through September 30.  :-)

The Full Corn Moon corresponds with the time of harvesting corn. It is also called the Barley Moon, because it is the time to harvest and thresh the ripened barley. 
This month, we also celebrate what we call a Harvest Moon, which is the full Moon nearest the autumnal equinox. It can occur in September or October and is bright enough to allow finishing all the harvest chores.
The Full Harvest Moon is different than all our other full Moons. Around this date, the Moon rises at almost the same time for a number of nights in our northern latitudes. Learn more in our article, "Shine On, Harvest Moon."
A harvest Moon!
And on the mats-
Shadows of pine boughs.

–Takarai Kikaku, Japanese poet (1661-1707)
I love the farmer's almanac. My 2013 issue arrived, recently.  Time is flying.

 (Photo of the Barley Moon by Catherine Kerr)

Full Harvest Moon- Original Painting by Jamies Art 8x10

Enjoy the night sky and the full moon.

I took photos of the bonfire and the moon on Wednesday. I also have some photos of the sugarcane.  I hope to post all of the photos, soon.  I've been in flare up, so I haven't been able to do as much online as I would like. I hope to respond to e-mails in the very near future.

Drinking a Pumpkin Ale, right now and listening to Nick Drake. :-)

I hope everyone has a great weekend.

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