Monday, February 20, 2012

Happy Lundi Gras! Also, I'm unable to post often due to ill health.

Last night I watched the Bacchus parade thanks to and It was wonderful. I'm going to watch Tucks (it's rolling right now on ). After Tucks I will watch Proteus (5:15 PM) and Orpheus( 6:00 PM) on the same nola parade cam.  I'm so grateful to for streaming the parades live. Zeus rolls in Metairie, LA (a suburb of New Orleans) this evening. The Algiers' parades rolled last week. Algiers is on the West bank and is in Orleans parish. Tomorrow (Mardi Gras day) is Zulu, Rex and Trucks. There are many more parades, but nola parade cam can only cover the ones that roll uptown/St. Charles Avenue in front of Fat Harry's. They will stream Rex, tomorrow.  Oh, WWL TV ( )  will stream Orpheus tonight, as well.

I hope to find videos of the Endymion parade that rolled Saturday night. Endymion, Bacchus and Orpheus (Zeus and several others, as well) are evening parades and the lighted floats are spectacular. <3 I also hope to find videos of the festivities on Bourbon street. Carnival season began on January 6. Lots of parties, Balls, wearing costumes, parades and supper dances all season long. :)

My health is extremely bad ,right now. It's impossible for me to post and write e-mails when I'm in flare up due to my two autoimmune diseases.  I apologize for not updating this blog more often. A big thank you to all of my followers. Thanks for your patience. I'm off to relax and watch the parades. Happy Lundi Gras! <3

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